Marshfield Mall’s History

Marshfield Mall has a long, rich history as part of the Marshfield Community. In 1978, local merchants decided there was a need for a Mall in Marshfield. The idea came to fruition in the fall of 1979 when the Northway Mall opened. The mall was immediately a huge success.

Originally, the Mall had a capacity of 259,000 square feet of building space and approximately 1,447 parking stalls. There were 36 businesses, creating a total of 350 full-time and 150 part-time jobs for the City of Marshfield. The original owners were primarily local people.

In 1985, the controlling interest in the Northway Mall was sold to Taggart Investment Corporation, a Texas-based real estate investment company. Shortly after that, the Mall was once again acquired by the original owners, who later sold it to a Michigan-based investment company, Malan Realty Investors in June 1994.

With the expansion of K-Mart in October 1994, the Mall gained 22,000 square feet in store space, 8,000 square feet increase in common area, and lost about 150 parking stalls. The expansion made the Northway Mall approximately 280,000 square feet.

Three of the original stores, JCPenney, Younkers (originally Prange’s), and Regis Salon, remained in the mall for almost 40 years.

In 2002, K-Mart closed as part of K-Mart’s bankruptcy regeneration, leaving a large vacancy in the mall. This was unfortunate because K-Mart was one of the mall’s three anchors, along with Younkers and JCPenney. But the mall bounced back from losing the anchor.

In July 2003, the mall was purchased by Goldridge Group, a development company based out of Eau Claire, WI, and renamed “Shoppes At Wood Ridge.” Goldridge Group invested $1 million in exterior upgrades to the Mall building in the summer of 2004 creating the attractive façade look, along with a 10,185 square foot café court addition, bringing the Mall to 299,132 square feet.


In November of 2010, the Mall was bought by the current owners, Malls4u LLC, a group of businessmen and merchants. In 2011, Furniture and ApplianceMart and Ashley Furniture Homestore became the Mall’s third anchor store.

In 2013, the Mall was officially renamed Marshfield Mall. That year a two-story free Farm Playland was added in the center court for area children jointly sponsored by Marshfield Clinic and Marshfield Mall.

In 2016, with the addition of Kohl’s, the Mall expanded 25,378 square feet of store space. The expansion makes Marshfield Mall approximately 324,510 sq. ft.

In 2017 Marshfield Mall lost another Anchor Store with the leaving of JCPenney. This space has proven to be a great asset to the Marshfield Mall, by serving as the Marshfield Mall Expo Hall. The space can accommodate around 150 Vendors and has been used for an array of trade shows.

2018 brought some very big changes to the Marshfield Mall. In March of 2018, the Marshfield Mall took another hit as BonTon, the owners of Younkers, declared bankruptcy and announced the closing of all stores nationwide, which meant once again we would be losing yet another anchor. and then in October 2018 the Marshfield Mall lost the last of the original stores with the closing of the Regis Salon. In June 2018 Midland Management, LLC became the newest Primary Shareholder and invested in the Malls4u, LLC. With Midland Management, LLC Owner, Ned Brickman at the helm, The Marshfield Mall is focusing on steering itself into the future of retail with proposed layout changes. We are excited to see what the future holds!

The many repairs and improvements have helped to make the Marshfield Mall the center of business in the Marshfield area. “It’s Happening Here!” has become one of our most popular slogans, representing the over 20 free events each year. Marshfield Mall has also been called “Your Place to Meet, Eat, and Shop in Marshfield” due to the friendly community focus. You’re always welcome at your Marshfield Mall.